Saturday, May 28, 2011

Prizes Promised

Here is the notice I put on Facebook about our silent auction...

This silent auction is going to go hand in hand with our Croppin for Joplin - 30 hour crop. We are getting an amazing amount of items donated for the auction. This is a partial list and I will update as we learn more.
The auction will close at 5pm. You do NOT have to be present when it closes and this is open to the public.

Four tickets to the St Louis Cardinal game on Aug 28 at 1:15 PM,
includes VIP parking, comp liquor, all u can eat buffet in cardinal club. value of each ticket is $218.00. The seats are in section 6 seats 9-12 right behind home plate. These are awesome seats!

Branson Creek Golf Course - 18 holes for 2
Your Story - Book Binding System (Vickie Alcorn)
Pampered Chef - Lg stone, cranberry deep dish pie plate, recipe book, orange peeler & mini wisk (Karen Stewart)
Chesterfield Family Center – 10 passes - $70 value
Springfield Greene County Library – Out of County Library Membership
Scrapbook Forever - Shirley Heard - $50 GC
Leong’s - $25 Gift Card
Meal Makers - $25 Gift Certificate
Steinarts - $25 Gift Certificate
Carlos O’Kelleys - $20 Gift Certificate
Orange Leaf - $20 GC
Honey Glazed Ham - $15 Lunch GC
Swing Right Golf - $10 GC
An 8 x 10 autographed picture or Matt Cassell today from KC CHIEFS
Campbell 16 – 2 movie posters
Dorinda Arney - Upper Case Living Expression
Regis Salon @ Battlefield Mall - Gift Basket
Harter House - 2 Filet Steaks
160 Grand Prix - Family Four pack
Starbucks - Gift Basket
The Range - Bucket of Balls
VIP Tanning - 30 day unlimited tanning
El Sombrero - Dinner for 2
J&S Automotive Oil Change/Tire Rotation (Sheryl Banks)
Jennifer Mattix - piece of jewelry (Sheryl Banks)
Miche - Stephanie Marzan - Miche Bag
Mary Kay Basket - Amy Roller
2 Mary Kay Baskets - Mandy Teifke
Island Green Golf Course - 2 rounds of golf
Eagle Crest Golf - 5 coupons - buy one, get one free
McAlister's - Lunch Certificate
Hair Salon in Nixa - Gift Card
Swank Salon - Gift Basket
Diamond Designs Jewelry

When you get someone to promise a prize/auction item, list it here in comments.  Be sure and include who/what/value (if you know) and how it will be delivered or picked up.  I'll start with what I know...

Misty West - FB friend - $50 (can't attend, but wants to donate crop fee) - mailing to me
Shirley Heard/Scrapbooks Forever in Branson - $50 Gift Certificate - (can't attend) mailing to me
Beth Bruner - several scrapbooking items (unknown value) - she will get to either me or DeDe
Stephanie Marzan - A Miche Bag (other things, too) - she will get to me - she is the Miche Bag lady I was going to get as a vendor, but she can't, she is too pregnant!
Bettyann Shuert - CTMH consultant - Scrapbook stuff (will be out of town and can't attend) - will get to me
Shannon McDermitt - sending a box of stuff for prizes - she can't attend as she will be out of town
Donna Cartner - CTMH consultant - Stamps - may attend
Amy Roller - Mary Kay Basket - will get to me
Mandy Teifke - 2 Mary Kay Baskets - will get to me or Christy
Diane Meinhardt - CTMH consultant - something scrapbooky - will get to me
Christina Eisenhour - CTMH consultant - something scrapbooky - wants to do a booth

Christy has...
Karen Stewart - Pampered Chef Large Stone, Cranberry Deep Dish Pie Plate, Recipe Book, Orange Peeler & Mini Wisk

Becky has...
Island Green Golf Course - 2 rounds of golf
Eagle Crest Golf Course - 5 coupons - buy one get one free
McAlister's Republic - Lunch Certificate
Scrapbooking Generations - basket

Deb/Lavon has...
Hair Salon in Nixa - Gift Card
Swank Salon - Gift Basket
Diamond Designs Jewelry - Something

If you know of more, be sure and add it in the comments.

Since this is a compilation of today, I am adding it here! (5/31)
Deb got...
Harter House - 2 filet steaks
160 Grand Prix - Family Four Pack
Starbucks - Gift Basket
The Range - Bucket of Balls
Steinart's - $25 Gift Certificate
Honey Baked Ham - $15 Lunch
Swing Right Golf - $10 Gift Certificate
Orange Leaf - $20 Gift Certificate
VIP Tanning - 30 Days Unlimited Tanning
El Sombrero - Dinner for 2

Sheryl Banks (whose Sheryl, you may ask... a friend of Dede's and mine!)

J & S Automotive - Oil Change/Tire Rotation
Jennifer Mattix - Piece of Jewelry for Silent Auction


  1. Patricia Ervin - basket of something! - will get to me... she also had a question about selling tickets ahead of time? I've asked for more info about THAT! Maybe an idea there we haven't thought about.

  2. scrapbook generations - basket $30.00

  3. I have a question: How are we handling silent auction. Are we having a sign up sheet and they can come back and check or make another bid and what time will we award them.
    what are tickets for that pat is asking about?

  4. Becky, I have no idea...that's why I've asked her questions about it. I'll let everyone know if it sounds like something that might work. We can talk about how to handle the silent auction Monday at the meeting. I think you are probably on the right track as to how it will work. We haven't set a time yet.

  5. I have the cheese for the sandwiches on Sat. and checking on cheese

  6. sorry, checking on ham