Sunday, May 29, 2011


I almost forgot FOOD!

Janis has the dogs. 
Lavon's son, Jeff, has the buns and is checking on the chips
Keli has ALL the condiments

I think that's all I know about food.... We still need input on

Janis - Tea... Becky - Coffee - both done

Friday dinner - Pizza... Becky is working on this
Saturday breakfast - Panera, Einstein Bros and Crispy Creme... Tysha, Lavon and Deb
Saturday lunch - Becky has 2 hams (I've had no luck with sandwiches...haven't made contact yet)... we will need bread and more chips??
Saturday dinner - sounds like hot dogs, buns and chips are pretty much set.  Deb, you still cooking hot dogs on the grill?


  1. Just talked to Jason's wife at Catering Creations. They are going to do something...not sure what but should know soon.

    Also talked to Ester and they are waiting to hear back from Marketing Headquarters to see if they can donate 100 chicken sandwiches.

    I'll let you know when I have confirmation on both.

    Michelle Leigh

  2. Just got a call from Ester and Chick Fil-A will not be able to help. They have already maxed out on the donations. Plus they are helping the Joplin Chick Fil-A alot. Sorry :(


  3. I said Becky had the coffee.. actually, Jeanne has the coffee and the creamer!
    Becky's not having much luck with the Pizza and Chick Fil A can't.
    Deb says Einstein Bros will do something, not sure what yet.
    Lavon has bread for sandwiches for Sat lunch and buns for Sat night.
    Becky has cheese for Sat lunch
    We will need to work on chips.

  4. I just spoke to Jason at Catering Creations. He is going to do two big pans of baked beans. He also said that if we needed anything else specific to let him know and he would see if he could help. I wasn't sure what we were still lacking, so you have something else just let me know.


  5. Michelle, that is awesome! We need something to go with the hot dogs. Any ideas?

  6. Becky has all the ham we will need for lunch on Saturday... Lavon is getting the chips for lunch. Dede is getting the lettuce. Per Tysha, Panera is still pending. We may have to rethink that!